Open Vessel

Ports of Ereğli and Gebze region are used as well, though mostly the port of Bartın is utilized.

An annual of 300,000 tons import and 300,000 tons export is realized by utilizing open vessels.


While Gebze and Istanbul region ports were mainly utilized for container loadings, port of Bartın was also started to be utilized as of year 2012. Our products expand overseas with an annual average container loading capacity of 6000 TEU.


Mescier Demir Çelik carries out its land transportation activities with the 60 trucks that it owns as the group companies.

This fleet is utilized both for the flawless shipment of domestic sales to customers and for the shipment of export products to ports.


Loading by rail is generally used for the domestic market and for shipments to the eastern and south-eastern part of the country.

Karabük and Çaycuma stations are used as the loading stations. Approximately 20,000 tons of iron and steel products are shipped through this system annually.