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Experiencing an average annual growth of 7%, fuel distribution is one of the leading sectors for Turkish economy. It is observed that the fuel distribution sector has a direct impact on over 30 main sectors including production, energy, transportation and agriculture. Deciding to enter the fuel distribution sector with the objective of meeting the ever-increasing demand in the sector and providing high-quality service to customers, Mescier Corporate Group operates in Bartın with Kutluhan Petrol Company it took over. Kutluhan Petrol aims to be the best in its field with its quality, safety and customer oriented service mentality. It maintains its operations under the framework of SHELL's STAS, SCT, SCTL STAS policies. In addition to providing fuel and mineral oil products to its customers, it offers services for making the journeys' of its customers more comfortable with its SHELL shop and other facilities that are meant to meet various needs that may arise during their journey.