Physical and Chemical Controls

Controls for the deviances in standad, cross section, surface and length of the ingots arriving at our plant's site are conducted by our quality control team. Once the physical controls are finalized and the material is approved for production, samples are taken in terms of casting numbers.

Following the sanding of these samples to create a error-free result; their chemical tests are conducted and archived.

The ingots ensured to meet both the physicals and chemical standards are located in our raw material storage site after being approved for production.


The ingots approved for production are placed in the furnaces according to their casting numbers. Parallel with the production processes, our quality control team control the products' size, length and weight of products and take samples as required. A witness sample is taken from the production besides the samples required for chemical and mechanical tests, and these are archived.

Products that do not meet the standards during rectification and packaging processes are discarded. The tests are conducted by our quality control team with our testing equipment calibrated periodically in compliance with the settings required by the standards.

The resulting test results are reviewed for meeting the standards and if they do, the "suitable for shipment report" is issued; and the results are archived.


The samples taken for each size and cast number of the orders are prepared by our quality control team for the mechanical and chemical tests to be conducted. The creep, tension and elongation values ​​of the samples are obtained with our mechanical testing device at the relevant testing speed and temperature.

Using our spectrometer, the chemical values ​​of samples (including Nitrogen) our obtained in our laboratory kept under constant temperature. The energy required for breaking the samples is obtained with our impact testing device.